What Now?

By Christoper Anglin


Part II of Chyrstopher's Journey

I did not automatically jump back into the workforce. There were two components to a successful return. I was successful in just one. Mentally, I was now prepared but was I physically? Going back to work may not be your decision. It maybe out of necessity or sheer boredom. Mine was the latter. I had spent too many hours dwelling in self pity thinking life was over. Daily exercise had been part of my routine but a half an hour of exercise per day is different from working 2-4 hours three or four days a week. During a regularly scheduled doctor’s visit,I asked about my stamina when going back to work. Although she cleared me, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the structure of work. Remember, I had been away from the game for almost TWO AND A HALF DECADES!!!! I wasn’t used to setting a schedule anymore. One thing for sure was that I needed to regain structure. (Stay tuned for my blog post about structure at a later date!)

A disability is often physically draining. When you exercise, you often get frustrated if you do not see immediate results. Working can often be the same way. You push and get frustrated that either you don’t learn something immediately (sort of the mode I’m in now) or create something and not be sure it is good enough (also a mode I’m in)! So what now you may ask? Well, I was cleared to work by my doctor and I was mentally prepared so it was time to take my next step. For those that need to get started, I would recommend contacting MHASF. They can help guide you and have services that can foster your growth.

Look out for my next blog entry,”The heart of it all” to see how this journey of mine evolves. Read about my volunteer work and how it prepared me for my next step.

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