On this week's #WellnessWeek, learn about how you can bring wellness into your home with the art of burning sage and/or incense. 

Burning sage and/or incense is an ancient art of cleansing a person, group of people, or space. If you're looking into clearing negative energy, give burning sage or incense a try and discover the spiritual benefits it can bring you!


  • Sage has originated from the mint family of plants. When burning sage, there are a few types to select from: white sage, black sage, Russian sage, etc.
  • Sage has been known for being used by Native Americans for healing, clearing space, and ceremonies.
  • When burning sage, it is best to hold it while walking around the area you would like to cleanse, as well as repeating an incantation throughout the process.
burning sage


  • Incense release a fragment smoke when burned. There are a variety of different scents for specific reasons, such as lotus and rose to increase focus and sandalwood or cedarwood to reduce anxiety.
  • Incense has been proven to help your mind become peaceful and distressed.
    -Smelling the smoke from the incense also has an affect on our brain. It can boost the brains alpha waves and bring calmness and balance to yourself. "

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