Welcome Our New Learning and Development Specialist

We’re excited to introduce you to our newest team member, Nash Jones, who will be helping to facilitate positive changes within the Training Institute, strengthening and expanding the program, as our new Learning and Development Specialist.

Nash moved to the Bay Area in 2015 from Portland, Oregon, where they lived for 10 years after growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They come to Mental Health Association of San Francisco with a diverse background working to impact social change across the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Nash brings extensive experience in curriculum development and program coordination to our training institute here at MHASF, having worked for years as the coordinator of an LGBTQ-focused training institute at the community-based level in Portland. Nash is also a well-regarded trainer and presenter themself who will contribute to our capacity to deliver engaging trainings and, as time goes on, develop and deliver new curricula that responds to community needs. Nash has worked on the ground, in community, in direct service positions and behind the scenes as a program coordinator and strategic communication consultant. Nash will bring their experiences from both the front lines and behind the scenes to their role as MHASF’s Learning and Development Specialist, where they’ll ensure programming is coordinated, strategic, and always rooted in the lived experiences of our community members.

Nash is eager to orient themself to our community and connect with all of you who are doing great work across the Bay Area, so if you have yet to, please reach out to Nash in the coming days to introduce yourself.

Exciting changes are on the way here at Mental Health Association of San Francisco, including within our Training Institute, and we look forward to working with you, our Bay Area community, to better meet your learning and development needs and, in turn, the needs of those you serve.

Contact Nash Jones, Learning and Development Specialist:
(415) 341-9524

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