Training for the Private Sector

We provide a wide variety of presentations and workshops tailored to specific professional fields and organizational needs.

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Here is a highlight of some of our most popular offerings:

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

This presentation will explore mental health in the workplace through interactive exercises and facilitated discussion. Participants will learn about the full continuum of mental health, ranging from wellness to stress to experiencing diagnosable mental health conditions. They will discover the ways to identify, connect, and support one’s own individual mental health and the mental health of their co-workers. Participants will explore the concept of mental health stigma as a major barrier to wellness and recovery and discuss the critical role supportive workplace cultures play in advancing productivity at both the individual and organizational levels. By the end of the presentation, participants will have identified actionable steps to incorporate mental health within their organizational/team culture.

Presentations are tailored to specific organizational needs (e.g. startups, fortune-500 companies, non-profits, etc.) and professions (e.g. lawyers, tech, financial, etc).

As a follow up to this seminar we offer training for managers about how to lead staff with mental health challenges and about how to safely disclose mental health challenges in the workplace.

Cultivating Resilience for Entrepreneurs

This workshops will explore resilience – the ability to bounce back from failure as a key ingredient of successful entrepreneurship.Through experiential exercises, short lecture and work in pairs participants will learn about the psychology of optimal experience and the myth of “toughness” as a way to attain it. They will learn about the difference between fixed mindset vs growth mindset and how the latter is a key to resilience. Specific tools will be offered for cultivating resilience in everyday life through practicing mindfulness, self kindness and connectedness. Participants will work on developing their own action plan that meets their specific needs and includes strategies for addressing barriers to successful implementation.

Mental Health and the Startup Culture

This workshop will address common mental health issues and challenges that are inherent to the fast paced start-up culture. Through case studies participants will dispel some of the common myths about entrepreneurial success and understand the costs of ignoring mental health issues that can lead to mental distress and even suicide. Prevalence of mental health challenges (acute distress, anxiety, depression, Asperger’s, hypomania, etc.) among entrepreneurs will be discussed and what makes tech and startups a prime environment for incubating and overlooking these issues.

By the end of the workshop, participants will leave with a diverse toolkit for identifying pre-conditions and using actionable steps to reduce mental health risks in a startup organization.

The Entrepreneurial Mind

This workshop will explore specific characteristics of the successful entrepreneur mindset, which can put them at increased risk for mental health challenges and distress. Current research on the relationship between mental health conditions and entrepreneurship will be presented and the implications for both personal self-care and creating supportive ecosystems will be highlighted.

By the end of the workshop, participants will know how they can build upon their unique strengths as well as minimize their vulnerabilities. They will have a strong foundation for developing resiliency and supportive systems when faced with challenging situations.

Supportive Workplaces for Suicide Prevention

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for men aged 25-34. And, 78% of people who die by suicide are between the working ages of 20-64. Yet it has been found that the workplace can become a strong venue for suicide prevention by offering people in distress social connection and a purpose that may help sustain them during difficult times.

This training will raise awareness about suicide prevention. Specific expressions of suicide ideation and behaviors within different cultures will be explored and ways to address them in the workplace will be identified. By the end of the presentation, participants will learn how to identify early signs, how to safely approach someone at risk, and how to refer them to access help.

Other Gender Specific Trainings


Work-life fit for working women redesigning and redefining work to increase engagement at work and overall life satisfaction

Women’s mental health across the lifespan and the workplace – how the workplace can be re-designed and re-defined to support the full creative power of women of all ages

Maternal mental health issues including pregnancy and returning to work accommodations and what we need to know about pre-natal and post-partum depression – the silent battle

Women’s mental health from diverse cultural perspective – how to take into account cultural identity issues when designing women friendly workplaces

Women empowerment in the workplace – strategies for “activating” women to express their mental health needs in safe and constructive ways leading to less stress and higher work satisfaction

Work/life balance for working women – redesigning and redefining work to increase engagement at work and overall life satisfaction


Flipping the Bias Script: Mental Health Stigma at the Workplace –explores the unique mental health needs of working men with an emphasis on performance enhancement through self-discovery.

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