Upcoming In-House Trainings

June 29th, 2018; 1pm - 4pm

Sliding Scale - See Below for Fee Schedule

Language Matters

Language is one of the most important tools we have for understanding the world we live in. By changing the words we use to talk about something, we can change the way we think about it. This is especially true of the language we use to discuss mental health challenges. By giving us the tools we need to make positive changes in the language we use, Language Matters can help each of us create an environment that promotes recovery and wellness.

Great for:  General audiences, providers, service professionals, peer professionals, family members

Don't see the training you need?

Let us know! In addition to the scheduled workshops above, MHASF has a broad course catalog of trainings that we can host exclusively for your team, delivered in-house at MHASF or on-site at your location. We also love working with organizations and businesses to design custom courses and training series to meet specific goals and needs for teams of any size.

Drop us a line and tell us a little about who you are, what you're looking for, and when you'd like it to happen. We'll get in touch about how we can partner with you to meet your training goals and promote mental health and recovery in the Bay Area.

(Prefer to talk to a live person? Call Julian Plumadore, Community Engagement Manager, at 415-341-9515.)

30% Off Regular Training Fees through June 30th, 2018

To celebrate the end of our Fiscal Year, MHASF’s Training Institute is offering 30% off our regular, sliding-scale training rates through June 30, 2018.

Our in-house trainings take place at the main MHASF offices in the Flood Building at 870 Market St., Suite 785. See our 30% off discounted training rates below:

Tier Level

Tier 1 (Individual)

Tier 2 (Group)

Tier 3 (Individual)

Tier 4 (Group)

Who Qualifies

Nonprofit sector employees, students, interns, volunteers, peers and non-affiliated community members

Groups of 3+ from Tier 1 qualified organizations or associations (per person)

Private sector employees, public sector/municipal employees, independent contractors/private practitioners

Groups of 3+ from Tier 3 qualified organizations or associations (per person)


$200 $140

$150 $105

$350 $245

$300 $210

* Fees are for 3-hour (half-day) on-site workshops only. Amounts shown are the fee per person.

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