Tackling the Paper Giant

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While people have problems with all kinds of clutter, the number one culprit is paper. Paper sneaks in as catalogs, junk mail, advertising flyers, and even ads in the bills. It is a seeming constant flow of clutter. This one-day course examines why we keep paper and then presents specific techniques that can help us reduce and manage the paper in our lives.


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Individual Rate – $250/person
3-5 Group Registrants – $225/person
6-10 Group Registrants – $212.50/person
11+ Group Registrants – $200/person

Learning Objectives

The participant will learn:

  • Why we keep paper even when we don’t need it
  • What paper we need to keep and for how long
  • How to organize and decrease the paper clutter in their life

Target Audience and Instructional Level

Anyone who has problems with hoarding behavior or who just wants to decrease the paper in their life.


  • Welcome
    1. Introductions
    2. Why are you here?
  • Tackling the Paper Giant
    1. Why do we hoard paper?
    2. Which shoe fits you?
    3. Exercise
  • Why do we need paper?
    1. Exercise
    2. Legal
    3. Financial
  • How long do we keep?
  • How do I tame / defeat the giant?
  • A reality test
  • Getting organized
  • Creating your own path to success


Mental Health Association of San Francisco
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San Francisco, CA 94102

About the Trainer

Dave Bain

JohnWith a background in technology, education and psychology, David brings a wide range of skills to MHASF. David has lived in San Francisco since 1984, and has experienced the challenges and changes in the city and the LGBT community over time. His introduction to the mental health community in San Francisco began with an internship at the former Tenderloin Mental Health Clinic as a PhD student in clinical psychology. His training and work in HIV education with the Federal government has prepared him to work with a diverse client base, as he advances the treatment of hoarding and cluttering and removes the stigma associated with finding and keeping. David holds a MS in Education from Southeast Missouri State University.

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