Training, Technical Assistance, and Consulting Services

MHASF provides training, technical assistance, and consulting services for community-based organizations, county agencies, mental health consumers/consumer-run organizations, and mental health professionals. MHASF’s core competencies include:

  • Facilitated group efforts for wellness/mutual support
  • Convening/event planning for specialized topics
  • Development of task forces and stakeholder engagement
  • Consumer empowerment and engagement
  • One-time or ongoing training and technical assistance
  • Practical methods and support for attaining and maintaining mental health wellness

For more information, including rates and customized trainings for your organization, please contact the Luba Botcheva at or 415-421-2926 x320.

Use the following form to request training, technical assistance or consultation individually tailored for your team or organization. We usually respond to training requests within 2-3 business days.

Current trainings and services offered by MHASF include:

  • Team Building and Mental Health – explore the mental health and organizational benefits to having healthy and happy workplace teams. Behind every successful organization is a team of hard working and dedicated people. We will explore what are the most important benefits of teambuilding, such as increased communication, collaboration, commitment and culture that in long-term lead to high efficiency and healthy organization. Participants will be involved in simple team-building exercises that can be used with employees on an on-going basis.
  • WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) – learn an evidence-based system that is used world-wide by people who are dealing with health issues including mental health challenges. WRAP® is self-directed and adaptable to any situation or challenge.
  • Mental Health in the Workplace for Women – explore the unique mental health needs of working women with an emphasis on working mothers.
  • MAN-tal Health – Mental Health in the Workplace for Men – explore the unique mental health needs of working men with an emphasis on performance enhancement through self-discovery.
  • Language Matters – learn the language of recovery and see why so many terms and phrases carry a stigma that is counterproductive to wellness. This is a workshop that is relevant to clinicians, consumers, family members and various service providers.
  • Supportive Crisis Response – learn effective supportive responses to the mental health crises of clients, staff or visitors to your organization. These are modes of response which hold the potential to assuage people’s anger, fears, grief etc. without the need to involve law enforcement and incarceration. Participants are taught compassionate and humane methods of reducing the crisis reactions of people who may or may not have mental health challenges. There are any one of a number of circumstances which can trigger reactions that can link with past traumatic experiences causing people to act in ways that are frustrating and, at times, frightening to those in their proximity. The training includes didactic and interactive learning, with demonstrations, discussion, role play and a focus on common situations and specific examples tendered by attendees in advance.
  • Understanding and Treating Hoarding Behavior – includes individualized in-person and/or remote training or consultation in dealing with hoarding and cluttering behavior. Specialized educational trainings for professionals and consumers (such as Buried in Treasures group facilitation and introductory trainings on hoarding and cluttering challenges) can be provided as well. Technical Assistance (TA) is also available in task force development, conference preparation.
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