Thank you to our Do Send A Card supporters!

A brief update on our Do Send A Card project

We’re happy to report that Do Send A Card has began a success. So far, we’ve had over a dozen contributions from across the country in the first month our project was live online and we’ve also received donations of greeting cards from supporters in California, Texas and Florida.

A special thanks goes to:

  • Becky from Clearwater, Florida
  • Ril and the Talk Line Staff from Chico, California
  • Charlotte Willey

Their contributions have not only provided us with wonderful cards to continue spreading messages of hope and recovery, but also great encouragement that this project can grow to other places in the US!

For information on how you can get involved or begin your own Do Send A Card program where you are, please contact Terri Byrne: terri@mentalhealthsf.org

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