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The Mental Health Association of San Francisco has provided leadership in mental health education, advocacy, research, and service for diverse communities of San Francisco for nearly 69 years. In commemoration of our 70th anniversary we would like to celebrate with you, our community that has supported and guided us throughout these years! WE ARE HERE still striving to lead the global community in advocacy, education, research, policy and support!

The Mental Health Association of San Francisco focuses on building recovery and wellness in the community.

We believe that recovery is possible, and that the person with lived experience should guide their own path to wellness. It is within our mission to ensure that the voices of people with lived experiences are heard. Our visibility and voice is vital to uniting the community in advocacy, research, education, and support while encouraging people to define their own wellness and recovery.

WE ARE a peer-run non-profit. WE ARE HERE and will continue to be here to serve the San Francisco Bay Area.

WE ARE HERE supporting peers in crisis.
WE ARE HERE marching for dignity and change in mental health
WE ARE HERE honoring consumers and peers on their road to recovery
WE ARE HERE changing the conversation around mental health.
WE ARE HERE sharing our lives, voices and experiences to challenge the stigma associated with mental health conditions
WE ARE HERE providing emotional support and information about mental health resources.
WE ARE HERE delivering messages of hope and recovery to individuals hospitalized for mental health challenges.
WE ARE HERE striving to persevere and give hope to those who are struggling with mental health challenges
WE ARE HERE providing educational tools through trainings, conferences, and support groups to help those with collecting behaviors.
WE ARE HERE providing one-on-one support for individuals with collecting behaviors.
WE ARE HERE supporting and advocating peers re-entering the work force
WE ARE HERE honoring mental health leaders and champions.

Throughout this year we will be hosting several events and campaigns to help raise money to keep our mission alive. Your donations and contributions will help ensure that our programs can continue to provide the support we offer to our community.

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