Spoken Word as Expressive Self-Care

By Sophia Ali

Spoken word and art has been a medium to express myself, embodying my life story. Through this process I feel powerful and imagine my life blossoming like a flower immersed in sunshine.

Story of a “Dreamingfeet” Girl

She is the one who dreams with her feet,
The dreams leading her towards a path,
A path that offers struggle, challenges, change, choices, support and much more,
Her journey always starts on the off-balance bridge,
Nothing surprising,
Everyone has gone through struggles and challenges once in their life,
What’s new?
Why she talks about it all the time?
Is she crazy?
Is she mad?
She wants attention,
Give "Her" that.
Step by step,
As she moves,
Carries herself,
Being a guide,
Moving forward,
Supporting herself,
Celebrating, laughing, shouting, playing, crying,
She feels empty inside,
She enters the zone of being still,
She is still,
She is pause,
She is broken,
That creates a tug of war.
Stay up with the feeling,
She tells herself,
Getting back to the offering,
She opens her chest.
Breathe in, breathe out,
Open, close,
Expand, collapse,
Release, freeze,
She tells herself about it all the time,
But this time, she can actually feel it.
Her inner feelings want to let her go,
Go into the space of, being alive,
Not thinking about what they will say,
who are they?
"They" who judge her?
"They" who criticize her?
"They" who always pull her down?
They, them, we, us,
Her world was around these words,
She was considered social and funny,
The words followed her,
Not considered serious,
Because "she" has "her" and "her" has the words.
Give, give, give,
Give it all,
Reach, reach, reach,
Till she hears someone call,
No, no, no...
She is tired of giving and reaching,
Silence breaks,
Silence breaks it all,
Ignoring, neglecting, pushing beyond,
She never cared about her feelings,
and they were gone,
Silence breaks,
She finds her voice,
Voice that gives her power to speak, to express,
To hold the language,
Language her body speaks to her,
Language that embraces her inner artist,
Artist that wants to come out,
Shout, Scream, cry,
She is the sunlight,
She is the ray,
She is the wind,
That catches its way,
She is the water,
She is the light,
She is the wave,
That hits the shore left-right,
She is the tree,
That has strong roots,
She is the flower,
That blooms all noon,
She carries nature within, that evokes memories of its own,
From morning to night,
It keeps on evolving, changing adapting, experimenting,
Creating, discarding, dropping, rising, moving,
She is the silence,
The silence that keeps her alive.

How can you incorporate expressive self-care in your life towards wellness? #selflove #metimefriday

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