Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee identifies and monitors local mental health issues, makes mental health policy recommendations to the MHA-SF board of directors, and leads efforts to advocate for implementation of recommended policies that impact mental health in San Francisco. The committee works with the Public Policy Coordinator to monitor mental health policy and develop recommendations for MHA-SF advocacy positions that are responsive to current mental health issues in San Francisco.


The Committee is made up of community members who are actively involved with MHA-SF and have shown an exceptional commitment to mental health policy and systems change in San Francisco. Members represent diverse backgrounds and perspectives and include mental health consumers, family members, other non-profit agencies, and MHA-SF staff and board members


This year, the Committee has taken a key role in:

  • Implementing the Mental Health Services Act; specifically, stressing the need for prevention/early intervention and consumer and family involvement.
  • Addressing housing and homelessness prevention.
  • Supporting policies that reduce stigma and discrimination and promote mental health parity.

View the Public Policy Committee’s Policy Priorities

More Information

For more information, please call (415) 421-2926.

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