The Center for Dignity, Recovery and Empowerment

The mission of the Center for Dignity, Recovery and Empowerment is to advance effective mental health supports grounded in hope and human dignity through development and dissemination of culturally relevant best practices for recovery and the reduction of prejudice associated with mental health conditions.

It seeks to accomplish this goal through two important projects:

Resource Development

The Resource Development Program promotes quality implementation and integration of best practice strategies as identified by the most up-to-date research. It works to advance knowledge of effective stigma and discrimination reduction (SDR) to support a movement towards evidence-based practice.

Promising Practices

The Promising Practices Program highlights activities and programs within culturally/ethnically/racially diverse communities that inherently support the reduction of stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health challenges even though that may not be an identified core element of the program. Promising Practices engages programs by entering into a co-learning process from a perspective of cultural humility, while exploring the interplay between culture and concepts of mental health and stigma.

Similar to the Resource Development Program, the Promising Practices Program identifies and promotes practices that may result, through additional research and evaluation, in identification as Best Practices. Learn more here

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