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*Starting November 2nd the Warm Line is going overnight and will be open between the hours of 11pm and 7am on select days. Please call 415-421-1880 for more information

Please be aware that due to limited funding as of Sunday, March 4th , at 7am, we will only be accepting calls from Northern California. Please check back for regular updates on how you can join our efforts to restore the Warm Line services. If you'd like to leave a recorded testimonial in support of our services please call the Warm Line. If you're interested in donating, click the link below. Thank you!

The Peer-Run Warm Line, a non-emergency resource for anyone seeking support, serving our community 6 days-a-week. The Warm Line provides assistance via phone and web chat to people who need to reach out when having a hard time.  We offer emotional support and information about mental health resources.

>>Staffed entirely by a diverse team of peers in recovery, all with lived experience of mental health challenges.

>>Our manager, peer specialists, and counselors complete over 40 hours of training in active listening and supportive crisis response.

>> Over 86% of all calls are from repeat callers, clearly demonstrating the depth of the personal connections that the Warm Line provides.

>> Since its launch in August 2014, the Warm Line has taken over 91,000 calls, averaging more than 3,000 calls per month over the past year, and as many as 130 calls in a single day.

News and Updates

Warm Line, SF’s mental health hotline, faces possible closure

While many similar support hotlines across the country are volunteer-run, San Francisco's 40 Warm Line counselors are paid. The Warm Line is a peer-run program that serves as an entry point into the workforce for people living with mental illness.


Warm voice on the line: SF counselors lend an ear to callers in their loneliest moments

Every time Jose Martinez clocks into work, he must be prepared to meet strangers at their loneliest moments in life — without ever seeing their face and, sometimes, without knowing as much as their names.


Need to vent? Call San Francisco's Warm Line

Seventy thousand people call San Francisco’s suicide crisis line each year. If someone's making that call, it usually means they're on the verge of harming themselves, and in severe emotional distress. But San Francisco has a service that’s aimed at reaching people before they’re on the brink of crisis — the San Francisco Mental Health Peer-Run Warm Line.


Mental health 'warm line’ offers reassurance before point of crisis

The warm line, a San Francisco Department of Public Health project run by the Mental Health Association of San Francisco, is peer run: All the warm line counselors have dealt with mental health issues themselves. For now, it operates 16 hours per day during the week and eight hours daily on weekends, but it will expand to 24-hour service in the new year.


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The San Francisco Peer-Run Warm Line Needs Your Support!

Everyone agrees that The Mental Health Association of San Francisco (MHASF)’s Peer-Run Warm Line is an important and valuable lifesaving service, but we aren’t sure where the support will come from. Due to uncertain economic times and without strong commitments from prospective funders, we must plan on its closure. Based on the call volume and available funding, we had estimated the line to close in April but, with planned reductions and a focus on local San Francisco and San Francisco Bay Area callers, we will be able to extend the life of the Warm Line to June of 2018.

Many callers affected by this change have expressed their grief over losing the Warm Line’s life-saving support. This includes callers who were previously homeless, alone, and considering harming themselves. One caller, upon finding out about these changes, asked to be immediately transferred to the Suicide Prevention Line because he was so distraught.

The Mental Health Association of San Francisco is reaching out to local, county, and state officials for help in solving the funding issues, but still needs the help of the community. If you are interested in supporting MHASFs efforts, we encourage you to let your local government officials know. Please contact your district supervisor, County & State representatives, the Mental Health Board, the Health Commission and the Mayor’s Office on Disability.

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If you want to provide your voice to our efforts call and leave us a voicemail expressing your experience with the Warm Line and how it has changed your life. Please remember to use only your first name or an alias and the city you are from. Example: “Hi, This is John from San Francisco. I’d like to voice my support in the efforts to fund the Warm Line. It changed my life…”

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July 2014 - February 2018

total calls in California

San Francisco

DPH - Behavioral Health Services



HHS - Behavioral Health Services



Alameda Behavioral Health Care Services



Behavioral Health



DHS - Behavioral Health Division


San Mateo

Behavioral Health & Recovery Services


Los Angeles

LA Dept. of Mental Health


San Diego

HHSA - A/OA Mental Health Services


San Joaquin

San Joaquin County - Behavioral Health Services


Santa Clara

Santa Clara County - Behavioral Health Services


Contra Costa

Contract Costa County - Mental Health Services



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