Marin Team


Our Vision:

The Marin Crisis Continuum aims to reduce the gaps in service for individuals experiencing behavioral crisis in the community. The continuum offers a breadth of response from prevention to crisis intervention services

What We Do:

We provide the Marin County community with mental health recovery education, client advocacy, resources in the form of linkages, and ongoing emotional support. MHASF peer providers work together with licensed mental health clinicians to provide long-term outreach to individuals living with mental health challenges who might not be interested in services but could benefit from them. We also offer acute mental health crisis response in the community as well as post crisis support.

The Marin Crisis Continuum Consists of Three Teams:

  • The Transition Team - provides short-term (60-day) case management to stabilize and connect individuals with ongoing services
  • Mobile Crisis Team - responds to mental health/substance use crises in the community
  • Outreach and Engagement Team - provides supportive outreach to individuals not engaged in services and to their families/friends.

Our core focus is recovery through peer engagement. We work to support and educate clinicians and the greater Marin community around the recovery model

In the 2016 to 2017 Fiscal Year

100% Reported less distress after services

Assisted 236 individuals

100% More likely to use services post-intervention

For more information on the Marin Team, contact Erik Henriques, Supervising Peer Specialist, at

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