Do Send A Card

Do Send a Card

Stigma is treating a person with a mental health issue differently than a person with a physical health issue

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When someone is hospitalized for an illness or injury, friends, family, and coworkers sign get-well cards, send flowers, and offer to help while the person is recovering. But when people are hospitalized for a mental health condition or crisis, most of them will never receive the same outpouring of support or even acknowledgment.

Why not?

Often, loved ones and supporters may feel awkward acknowledging a mental health hospitalization and wonder if it's better not to say anything at all. We may want to show support and caring but feel we don't know how or we're worried about saying the wrong thing. The Do Send a Card project is here to say that your show of support will make a difference. Please do send a card! Do Send a Card helps our community break the silence and isolation people in psychiatric hospitalization can experience by gathering cards and messages of support to let people know that someone is out there cheering on their recovery.

MHASF delivers greeting cards and care packages on our monthly visits to San Francisco General Hospital's psychiatric unit, bringing hope and human connection where it's sometimes hard to find.

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The Do Send a Card Project

We collect messages of hope on blank, Thinking of You, or Get Well Soon greeting cards. The first Monday of every month peer educators from SOLVE, (Sharing Our Lives, Voices, and Experience) the MHASF stigma reduction speakers bureau, visit the San Francisco General Hospital psychiatric unit. We tell stories of our lives, our recovery, the stigma that we have endured around mental health challenges and how we are staying well today. Through the DO SEND A CARD project we also bring messages of hope to the patients on the unit, who are always so grateful. We continuously hear from patients and nurses that these are the first cards they have ever received while they were on the unit or in any other mental health facility.

Please join us in sending a message of hope in a card

Click Here to See Samples of Some of Our Cards

We encourage you to join us or start “DO SEND A CARD” in your area. You can help by sending us your messages of hope, providing funds to support the project, or providing greeting cards with envelopes: all donations are greatly appreciated!

Over 1000 Cards Delivered So Far

22 cards delivered each month

Pizza parties, games and care bags donated yearly

Sweaters, hats, gloves, socks and much more delivered over the holidays

If you need any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact Meaghan O'Brien at

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