Poems as a Form of Expressive Self-Care

By Sophia Ali

I use poems for self reflection, it’s a way of releasing my emotions rather than bottling it up inside. Poetry is my outlet to release bottled up feelings in a healthy way. My poems are an expression of my thoughts, reflecting my feelings. The process of writing poems helps me be self- aware and gain a better understanding of my emotions.</s[an>

My dreamingfeet listening to my inner self, following the lead. Creating possibilities of growth, to expand, to move, to pause, to hold and to release.

Forest Road Under Sunset Sunbeams. Lane Running Through The Autumn Deciduous Forest At Dawn Or Sunrise. Toned Instant Photo

Reaching Home

Reaching home,

Finding myself,

Unknotting the mystery,

Giving birth to my space,

Uncovering discoveries,

Holding and releasing,

Listening and moving,

Reflecting and building

Reaching and creating, The change.

Changing for growth,

Growth to stay, to move, to pause, to hold, to release.

Getting help from the art, music, nature, movement, solitude.....

Reaching home,

For my legs and feet, ribcage, spine, head, shoulders, arms, hands, pelvis, abdomen..

Reaching home for my body,

For body is my soul,

my home,

My temple,

My life line....

How can you incorporate expressive self-care in your life towards wellness? #self-love #metimefriday

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