Dear Mental Health Advocate,

We are facing unprecedented uncertainty as critical mental health services and access are being threatened.  It is impossible to know what the new administration brings, but it’s never been more clear that we need to unify. The Mental Health Association of San Francisco is committed to fight for the dignity and well-being of all mental health consumers and their allies.

To do this, we need YOU to Join Us!

Over the next few weeks, MHASF will be launching its inaugural membership drive. We need to mobilize and unleash the full force of our community. We need to be empowered to take an active role in our wellness and ensure equity, safety, and dignity for all mental health consumers.

Join us in our efforts to educate, advocate, and empower our community by become a supporting Member of our association.

Our goal is 100 new Members in the next 100 days. We can only face the challenge together!

Join us to get:

  • Directed and supported Calls to Action when critical threats arise
  • Opportunities to join with other mental health advocates to share knowledge, resources and mutual support
  • “Hot off the Presses” information regarding mental health policy and advocacy efforts

We stand with you,

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