Legal Assistance Resources

AIDS Legal Referral Panel

(415) 701-1100 – 1663 Mission Street, Suite 500
Provides legal services for people with HIV/AIDS in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bar Association of San Francisco — Lawyer Referral Service

(415) 982-1600 – 301 Battery Street, 3rd Floor
Provides access to low-fee or free attorneys in eviction defense cases. If you receive an eviction notice (30-day or 3-day) call for placement with an attorney. If you receive a summons and complaint (5-day notice) go immediately to the Eviction Defense Collaborative (see below).

Bay Area Legal Aid

(415) 982-1300, Legal Assistance Line: (415) 982-4243  50 Fell Street, 1st Floor
Provides attorneys for individuals being evicted out of Section 8 and public housing.

Eviction Defense Collaborative

(415) 947-0797 – 995 Market Street, Suite 1200
Assists in filing appropriate papers upon receipt of a summons and complaint (5-day notice) and an unlawful detainer. Client must come in within 5 days (including weekends) of receipt of paperwork. Walk-in hours daily.

Homeless Advocacy Project

(415) 974-6541 – 995 Market Street, Suite 915
Provides free legal services and supporting social services to individuals and families who are homeless or at serious risk of homelessness in San Francisco.

Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco

(415) 703-8644 – 427 South Van Ness Avenue
Offers free phone and drop-in counseling and advocacy programs for tenants to secure their rights to habitable and affordable housing in San Francisco.

Independent Living Resource Center

(415) 543-6222 – 649 Mission Street, 3rd Floor
Provides housing counseling to help individuals request reasonable accommodations for clutter problems. Does not provide legal representation.

Legal Assistance to the Elderly, Inc.

(415) 538-3333 – 995 Market Street, Suite 1400
Provides legal assistance to San Francisco residents of all ages, including adults over 60 years of age and younger adults with disabilities.

Protection & Advocacy, Inc. (PAI) (“Disability Rights California”)

(510) 267-1200 or (800) 776-5746  1330 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612
Provides free legal information and advice to people with disabilities on a wide range of disability-related issues, including housing discrimination.

Mental Health Resources

24 Hour Mental Health Access Line

(888) 246-3333 or (415) 255-3737
Provides mental health evaluations and diagnoses needed to prove disability. Call for initial screening and to set up an appointment for evaluation and treatment.

Bay Area Helplink

Marin, Napa, Solano or San Mateo Counties call (800) 273-6222 or (415) 808-HELP or San Francisco residents dial 211
Provides referrals to community counseling agencies and self-help groups throughout the Bay Area.

Clutterers Anonymous

(310) 281-6064 – P.O. Box 91413, Los Angeles, CA 90009
A self-help 12-step organization with chapters throughout the United States. Members can receive a newsletter and several brochures on the topic of clutter.

Friendship Line

(415) 752-3778
24-hour counseling hotline for elderly suicide prevention and grief counseling.

Independent Living Resource Center

(415) 543-6222 – 649 Mission Street, 3rd Floor
Provides support, referrals, advocacy and housing counseling for people with disabilities.

Mental Health Association of San Francisco (MHA-SF)

(415) 421-2926 – 870 Market Street, Suite 928
Provides information and referrals on mental health including information on cluttering issues as well as referrals to independent clutter organizers. Sponsors weekly hoarding and cluttering support group. Call for updated information on meetings and new programs.

National Attention Deficit Disorder Association

(847) 432-2332, American Coaching Association: (610) 825-4505  1788 Second Street, Suite 200, Highland Park, IL 60035
Information and referrals are available to ADD coaches through the American Coaching Association. ADD coaches can assist individuals to become better organized and to establish organizational systems.

OC Foundation

(203) 315-2190 – P.O. Box 9573, New Haven, CT 06535
A self-help organization dedicated to the expansion of understanding, research and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Provides a monthly newsletter to its members and can refer individuals to professionals knowledgeable in the evaluation and treatment of OCD.

Clean-Up Help Resources


(415) 820-7230
Provides janitorial services for your home or office. Call for free estimate.

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

(415) 557-5251
If you are low income and either elderly or disabled, IHSS provides government funding for you to hire a worker chosen by you – either someone you know or through a referral from the IHSS Public Authority (see below) – or receive home care services through the IHSS Consortium (see below). Free to individuals receiving or eligible for SSI, otherwise you pay a “share of cost.”

IHSS Consortium

(415) 255-2079 – 1453 Mission Street, Suite 520
Employs, trains and supervises home care workers who provide services in your home. The agency also assists you in obtaining other services to help you to continue living independently at home.

IHSS Public Authority

(415) 243-4477 – 832 Folsom Street, 9th Floor
Refers in-home care workers to disabled, blind or elderly clients. Refers IHSS-funded workers or workers to be paid directly by you. Sliding scale fees.

La Raza Day Labor Women’s Collective

(415) 252-5375 – 474 Valencia Street, Suite 295
Provides workers to be paid directly by you for cleaning services. Hourly rates $10-$17. Call at least one day in advance.

Mental Health Association of San Francisco

(415) 421-2926 – 870 Market Street, Suite 928
Provides referrals to clean-up agencies and independent organizers.

National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)

(512) 454-8626 – P.O. Box 140647, Austin, TX 78714
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NAPO
(415) 281-5681 – P.O. Box 895, Millbrae, CA 94030
Provides information, products and assistance to help others organize their homes or businesses.

National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD)

(404) 231-6172
A non-profit organization serving professional organizers and related professions who are interested in the study and methods of serving chronically disorganized people.

San Francisco Department of Public Health – Environmental Health Services Code Enforcement: Complaints Program

(415) 252-3805
Responds to and resolves citizens’ complaints regarding unsanitary conditions, public health hazards, nuisances, pests and mold in Apartments, Private Homes and Public Housing Authority properties.

SRO Hotel/Shelter Program

(415) 252-3857
Conducts routine inspections and responds to tenants’ complaints in SRO Hotels and Shelters, provides training/educational materials to tenants and landlords, assists tenants and landlords in effectively eradicating bedbugs, rodents, mold, etc. Connects tenants to other support services.

St. Anthony’s Foundation

(415) 241-2600 – 121 Golden Gate Avenue
Low-fee cleaning services.

Pick-Up Services/Donation Places Resources

Building Resources

(415) 285-7814 ¨ 701 Amador Street
Accepts building materials such as lumber, tile, windows, doors and plumbing parts. Will pick up large amounts of materials.

Community Thrift Store

(415) 861-4910 ¨ 623 Valencia Street (near 17th Street)
Accepts a variety of donations in saleable condition. Will pick up large quantities including furniture. You can donate to benefit a nonprofit of your choice in the Bay Area, including the Mental Health Association of San Francisco (Donor #206).

Goodwill Industries

(415) 575-2101 ¨ 1500 Mission Street
Accepts many donations, including large items. Accepts only new computers, no large appliances, no sofa beds or items in disrepair. Will pick up large items/quantities only.

Scroungers’ Center for Reusable Art Parts (SCRAP)

(415) 647-1746 ¨ 801 Toland Street (Entrance is on Newcomb Avenue between Toland and Selby)
Accepts many different types of donations. Will pick up large quantities. Call for details.

SF Advertiser

(415) 863-3151 ¨ 130 Tenth Street
Will place one free weekly listing in their paper for items given away for free or sold for less than $500; autos and auto parts are not included.

St. Anthony’s Foundation

(415) 241-2600 ¨ 121 Golden Gate Avenue
Accepts donations such as clothing, dishes and flatware — no large appliances or items in disrepair. Call for pick-up request.

St. Vincent De Paul Society

(415) 597-7960, call (510) 638-7600 in Oakland ¨ 525 5th Street (at Bryant)
Accepts donations in good condition; no office supplies, sporting goods or tools. Will pick up donations, call one week in advance for an appointment.
Allows you to place free ads for items to sell or give away.

For more information and/or referrals to clinicians, call or visit the Mental Health Association of San Francisco at 870 Market Street, Suite 928, San Francisco, CA 94102. Our phone number is (415) 421-2926.

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