Counseling and Case Management

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The following organizations provide a range of mental health services, from diagnosis to counseling to medication, in several neighborhoods around San Francisco.

San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group Clinic and Training Center

tel: (415) 677-7946, ext 1
9 Funston Avenue, The Presidio

  • Low fee psychotherapy clinic
  • Sliding scale fees based on income, up to $85 per session

Haight Ashbury Psychological Services

tel: (415) 221-4211
2166 Hayes Street, Suite 308

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Sliding scale: $20- $90 per session

Bayview Hunter’s Point Foundation Behavioral Health Program

tel: (415) 822-7500 5815
3rd Street, Monday-Friday 9-5

  • Referrals
  • Diagnosis and treatment for mental illness
  • Sliding scale based on ability to pay, no one is denied service
  • Accepts MediCal

Chinatown North Beach Mental Health

tel: (415) 352-2000
729 Filbert Street, Monday-Friday 8:30-5, drop-in Monday-Friday 9-11 & 1-3

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Full diagnosis, medication evaluation
  • Multi-lingual (Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Laos, Cambodian)
  • Sliding scale based on income, accepts Medicare

Family Service Agency & Family Service Agency West

tel: (415) 474-7310
1010 Gough Street, Monday-Friday 8:30-5 – tel: (415) 386-6600

  • Mental health services for seniors, adults, and children
  • Eviction prevention program
  • Accept Medicare and MediCal
  • Sliding scale (ranges from $0 to $100) based on income and adjustments are possible – very flexible
  • Adult Care Management providing intensive case management and supporting individuals to live in the community and maintain independence and stability

MOST Team & South of Market Street Mental Health Services

tel: (415) 836-1700
760 Harrison Street

  • Individual therapy and counseling
  • Medication provided
  • Cannot deny service to anyone
  • Do not accept private insurance, accept Medicare and MediCal
  • Sliding scale based on income

Richmond Area Multi-Services

tel: (415) 668-5955
3626 Balboa, Monday 9-7 & Tuesday-Thursday 9-9 & Friday 9-5

  • Counseling services
  • Multi-lingual (Russian, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and others)
  • Accept MediCal and Medicare
  • Must be San Francisco resident

Central City Older Adult Services

tel: (415) 558-5900
90 Van Ness, Monday-Friday 8:30-5

  • Services for individuals 60 years old or older
  • Crisis intervention, psychiatric evaluation, therapy, and referrals
  • Sliding scale based on income

Golden Gate Senior Services

6221 Geary Blvd, Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30
tel: (415) 752-6444(Richmond)

100 Diamond, Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30

(Now Called Castro Senior Center)
tel: (415) 863-3507 (Diamond)

1345 Ocean Ave, Monday-Friday 9-1

tel: (415) 337-8211 (Ingleside)

  • Day care center for developmentally disabled seniors
  • Free of charge

In Home Supportive Services

tel: (415) 557-5251
Monday-Friday 8-5

  • Provides care for people with disabilities in their own homes when they are no longer able to care for themselves
  • Free of charge or sliding scale depending on circumstances

Queer Lifespace

tel: (415) 358-2000
470 Castro Street, Suite 202

  • Providing effective, affordable mental health and substance abuse services
  • LGBTQQI focused care
  • Safe space in the Castro for healing
  • Individual, couples and group therapy

Center For Special Problems

tel: (415) 292-1500
1700 Jackson Street

  • Assessment, consultation, case management
  • Serves adult, adolescents, transgender individuals
  • Counseling for trauma survivors and perpetrators
  • Sliding scale based on income, private insurance, Medi-Cal
  • Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish

Instituto Familiar de La Raza, Inc

tel: (415) 229-0500 / fax: 647-3662
2919 Mission, Monday-Friday 8-5

  • Outpatient clinic for monolingual, Spanish speaking, clients
  • Family, marriage, women, individual, AIDS counseling
  • Sliding scale based on income, Medi-Cal

Episcopal Community Services

tel: 487-3300 / fax: 252-1743
165 8th St.

  • Operates two year-round shelters for homeless adults
  • Provides academic skills, as well as job counseling, training, and placement
  • Social services at 10 supportive housing sites

Assisted Independent Living Program (Baker Places)

tel: (415) 864-4655 / fax: 869-6623
600 Townsend Street, Suite 200E

  • Assistance for clients with psychiatric/substance abuse histories to live independently
  • Ongoing case management support

Westside Crisis Clinic

tel: (415) 353-5050
888 Turk Street, Monday-Friday 9-7

  • Offers immediate help for those suffering from emotional crisis
  • Accepts MediCal
  • Sliding scale based on income

Alternatives Program

tel: (415) 401-2630
2712 Mission Street, Lower Level, Monday-Friday 8:30-5

  • Services for African-American males recently discharged from an institution
  • Intensive case management, on-site psychiatric care, medication, individual counseling

Citywide Case Management Team & Citywide Forensics

tel: (415) 597-8000
939 Market Street, 4th Floor

  • Intensive clinical, medication, crisis, and case management services
  • Serves adults who are high-end users of psychiatric hospitals
  • Group therapy, skill building, on-site job training
  • Multilingual services

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