“Feeling the Depth”: Friday Series: Expressive Self-Care By Sophia Ali

Words gave me power to expand my own repertoire. The process of putting words together pushed me to listen to my heart than to my head. The power of these simple words, changed my life. So, I decided to write down my words in the form of poems to convey my feelings, to inspire and generate energy. My dreamingfeet continues to transform, empowering me to work on my inner strength, using art as a medium to express myself.


Feeling, The Depth

Feeling free,

Walking down the street,

Thinking about what makes me feel like a tree?

Growing my roots,

Extending my branches,

Grounding my feet,

I feel tall & rooted.

Growing out,

Digging down,

Reaching up,

Feeling tall,

Playing with my own energy

Accepting present moment,

Not changing,

Not editing,

Just working with it,

Breathing in,

Expanding my chest,

Extending my out breath,

Opening my back,

Creating space,

Reaching, cultivating,

The deep-rooted growth,

Awakening my inner seed,

Sensing the stretch, the pull,

Leading towards the path of transformation,

I imagine the depth inside me.


How can you incorporate expressive self-care in your life towards wellness? #selflove #metimefriday




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