Last Day of Freedom

We’re pleased to announce that MHASF’s community partner KQED has been nominated for an Academy Award! Last year, KQED’s Truly CA aired Last Day of Freedom, a short documentary about Manny Babbitt, a Vietnam veteran who lived with post-traumatic

Recovery is possible, just ask Nicollette

Nicollette 1 “Nothing is ever lost, all is given.” These are the words MHASF’s SOLVE Senior Peer Facilitator, Nicollette Maristela, carries with her every day. Spoken by her father since she was

Mentally ill people aren’t killers. Angry people are.

An excellent article on where violence really comes from, and it's not mental illness. Stop the Violence.

Here One Day – A Film by Kathy Leichter

In 1995, Nina Williams Leichter, the brilliant wife of a New York state senator, committed suicide by jumping from the 11th floor of her apartment building. Though she had struggled with manic depression, Williams had always been an energetic figure

Thank you to our Do Send A Card supporters!

A brief update on our Do Send A Card project

We're happy to report that Do Send A Card has began a success. So far, we've had over a dozen contributions from across the country in the first month our project

Presidential Proclamation – National Mental Health Awareness Month, 2013

Today, tens of millions of Americans are living with the burden of a mental health problem. They shoulder conditions like depression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress and bipolar disorder -- debilitating illnesses that can strain every part of a person's life.

Steinberg Introduces National Proposal to Enhance Mental Health Services

Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg has introduced a state and national proposal to enhance mental health services across the country, urging the Obama administration to adopt California’s Mental Health Services Act as a model for the nation and proposing

NY TIMES – New Help for Hoarders

There were times, Sandra Stark remembers, when she couldn’t use her kitchen or sit on her sofa. Her collections — figurines, vases, paperweights — had overtaken every closet, drawer and surface. Stacks of clothing and old magazines added to the

Best Way to Honor America’s Veterans: End Mental Health Stigma

Best Way to Honor America's Veterans: End the Cycle of Mental Health Neglect, Stigma and Crisis

For the 93rd year since the November 11, 1919 commemoration of "the war to end all wars," the American nation once again pays customary homage

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants and Happy Halloween!

Today MHASF took some time (along with the rest of SF) to celebrate the efforts of our city's baseball team. It was all cheers and smiles at our office and along Market Street. We're very proud of our home team
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