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AB 1421

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee and Board of Supervisors Member Mark Farrell have promoted AB 1421, known as “Laura’s Law” as an effective approach for individuals with mental health challenges.

This is the fourth time that AB 1421 has been pushed in the City and County of San Francisco, and each previous time, it has been soundly defeated at the Board of Supervisors with strong opposition from mental health consumers, mental health providers, legal organizations, and advocates from underserved and marginalized communities.

“AB 1421 lowers the bar for abridging civil rights and self-determination. It allows for commitment based on the prediction of danger to self or others or grave disability in the future, not observable current behavior,” said Eduardo Vega, Executive Director of the Mental Health Association of San Francisco. Further, “Mr. Vega said, “it allows for a family member, neighbor or anyone living with an individual to initiate that process, rather than a public safety official or licensed mental health practitioner. It does not provide protections against potential abuse of this process and undermines dignity.”

Please contact your representatives here to speak out against AB 1421.

MAHSF’s Executive Director, Eduardo Vega, discusses why AB 1421 is ineffective on the PBS News Hour

An excellent editorial in SFGate from Daniel Brzovic, attorney for the Oakland office of Disability Rights California, on why Laura’s law doesn’t work. Click here to read.

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